Senior Sack

The Senior Sack Program has been operating continuously for over 29 years throughout Kern County at 24 different sites. Eligible Seniors whose annual income is $15,000 or below, register at a site in their local area.


The Golden Empire Gleaners delivers food to each site twice a month to be distributed to registered seniors. Volunteers at each site receive the food delivered, break into individual sacks and handle registration and distribution at their site. Each "Senior Sack" offers 10-12 items including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, boxed staples and canned food.


Aside from a one-time $2 application neither the registrant nor the sponsoring site pays for any of the program's offerings. The program is designed to provide both a health benefit of providing fresh, nutritious food and a mental health benefit by providing social interaction and activities at each site as seniors pick up their food. By having seniors come in person, they are exposed to information about other supportive services available to them. Fresh, nutritious food is delivered twice per month to 24 different sites throughout Kern County. 

Please see the 'Senior Sack Sites' page for information on sites available.



Senior Sack
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